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Why Choose Perfect Credit Consulting, LLC?

At PCC, it’s all about helping you improve your credit scores and making your life less stressful and more financially rewarding.

These goals are realized when we help you build positive credit. And also eliminate negative inaccurate files on your credit reports.

Most lenders and insurance companies use your credit scores. This is to place you in credit ranges to establish how much money you will pay for their products. Higher credit scores turn into higher credit ranges that turn into substantial savings.

More specifically, higher credit ranges enable you to qualify for lower interest rates when you purchase a home and buy or lease an automobile. These higher scores should also translate into lower interest rates on credit cards and installment loans.

In addition, most insurance products (auto, home, health, life, business) are risk based. The higher your credit scores, the lower risk you are to insurance companies. Thus, you should pay lower premiums.

The Lifetime Cost of Debt and Loan Savings Calculators on this website illustrate the potential savings that can be realized. Which is by improving your credit scores and by qualifying for higher credit ranges.

Whether your credit is poor, fair, good or very good, there is always room for improvement and the ability to save substantial money.




Dedicated Leadership

Howard Cutler is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Perfect Credit Consulting, LLC. A proven financial services executive and credit expert, Mr.Cutler is a former Vice President in the retail bank at JPMorgan Chase & Co. He is also a former Director in the United States Region at MasterCard.

At JPMorgan Chase & Co., Mr.Cutler set strategy on how personal loans, credit cards, auto loans, student loans, mortgages and HELOCs would be marketed to consumers and small business owners across the branch network.

At MasterCard, Mr.Cutler ran the Acceptance Practices Unit. In this role he protected card holders against merchants who violated MasterCard Bylaws. In another capacity, he worked with card issuing banks and merchant partners to increase consumer and small business transactions and card spending.

At PCC, Mr.Cutler is 100% accountable to every client.

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