Credit Repair Tip 2

family-budget-piggy-bank-handsBad credit can quickly make life an uphill battle. It can prevent you from getting a loan approved or access to credit when you need it most. When bad credit weighs you down, who can you turn to for help? How do you know which credit repair companies can be trusted? Where can you find the best deal? We’ve answered your questions with expert tips on finding quality credit repair.


Go Local

Local consultants are more likely to stay up-to-date and on top of your state regulations. Keeping up with best practices makes local credit repair experts more effective and efficient. They generally give you the most bang for your buck and can also recommend local resources. Credit consultants often work closely with bankers and lenders within the community. They’re well-versed in local policies, loans, and rates to assist you in finding the best arrangement to fit your financial needs.


Think Small

There are substantial benefits to working with smaller businesses. Credit repair is no exception. Unlike larger credit organizations, where your case is one of thousands, smaller credit repair companies take on a limited number of cases at one time. You can expect smaller credit repair companies to be more personable and to give you the attention you deserve. They’re more likely to hold themselves accountable for their services, invest in your success, and take pride in reviews and referrals. If you’re looking for a consultant that genuinely cares, find a small credit repair organization close to home. You won’t be disappointed.


Bigger is Not Always Better

You might think bigger companies mean bigger benefits. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Bad credit can take you by surprise. You may be caught off-guard when your loan application gets denied or a collection agency calls. These situations require immediate attention. Timing is often critical. Larger credit repair companies can take months or years to dispute individual cases. Some set limits on the number of cases processed each month, creating unnecessarily long wait times. This can cause a snowball effect that can further damage your credit. As monthly service fees add up, you may begin to realize that bigger companies are anything but the better deal.


Spot the Scammers

Regardless of company size and location, some credit repair companies are unfortunately scams. The best way to know whether a credit repair organization can be trusted is by learning about state and federal regulations. It’s illegal for credit repair companies to make false claims or request advanced payment. Federal law requires a contract or written agreement to be in place for all clients receiving credit repair services. Here at Perfect Credit Consulting, LLC, we want to keep our clients and our community safe. We take pride in being fully compliant with all state and federal regulations.


Do Your Research

When disclosing personal or financial information, it’s best to know who you’re working with. Reviewing recent ratings and client testimonials is always a good idea. A company that receives lots of praise and positive reviews is more likely to be a service provider you can trust. Ask your credit consultant about their background and experience. Credit consultants should have experience in relevant fields of expertise. Talk to local residents and businesses to learn more about credit repair companies located near you.

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