A Higher Credit Score Will Increase Your Chances Of Being Approved For All Types Of Credit And Allow You To Live The Life You Deserve!

Important Tips To Improve Your Credit Score

Payment History (This Accounts For 35% Of Your Score)

Pay your bills on time even if it’s the minimum payment – it keeps you current, you do not want a “late” payment to be reported.

Balances (This Accounts For 30% Of Your Score)

Shoot for using less on each card – don’t “max out” any card. Do not close unused cards even with zero balances – shows you still have credit available.

Credit History (This Accounts For 15% Of Your Score)

Length of time using credit responsibly in the past shows you can manage credit or were able to at one time.

Mix of Accounts (This Accounts For 10% Of Your Score)

Ideally you want to have credit for different reasons, a mortgage, a car loan etc., not all for “spending”.

Credit Inquiries (This Accounts For 10% Of Your Score)

Each inquiry, also known as a “hard hit”, reduces your score.

This Is Just The Beginning...

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