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"I HIGHLY recommend Howard Cutler at Perfect Credit Consulting! It is extremely stressful to be in the situation of needing credit repair services. However, Howard Cutler could not be more professional. He provides realistic reassurance, backed by his tremendous expertise in an area that is very intimidating to most of us. I found him to be honest and transparent in his advice. He is amazingly accessible, and provided frequent updates regarding the status of my account. I had spoken with one other credit repair firm, but they did not even compare with Howard in terms of the personal nature of his services. He is also incredibly efficient - in a process that I had anticipated would take months and months, I was pleasantly surprised when everything was taken care of in a much shorter period of time. Thanks to Howard, my husband and I were able to buy our dream home with a much more competitive mortgage, saving us a tremendous amount of money over the long term. When I found myself in the situation of having a low credit score in need of repair, I did not know initially where to turn. Now, every day I remain grateful for the professional, efficient, and personalized services of Howard Cutler at Perfect Credit Consulting! Truly the BEST money I have ever spent!!" ES, Rochester, NY

"So glad I met Howard Cutler! In our initial meeting I found Howard to be prepared, professional, encouraging and non-judgmental. Howard was attentive to all the details of my particular situation and what I had to say. He offered several options and in the end he helped me tremendously! Thank you Howard @ Perfect Credit Consulting, you've changed my outlook, options and future with your support! Couldn't have happened without you!" VM, Milford, CT

"Perfect Credit Consulting is my go to company for all “things” credit for my student loan clients. As President of J&M Student Loan Services, LLC, our company works with consumers who have defaulted on their student loan obligations or they require our expertise to restructure their loans to lower their monthly payments. My partner and I have the choice to refer our clients to any credit consulting firm in the United States. However, all of our clients with credit issues are referred to Howard Cutler. Howard is honest and diligent and he delivers results. He works with consumers one-on-one—he is not a credit repair mill. When you call Perfect Credit Consulting, you deal with the expert—not a call center representative. He puts clients first, he is accessible morning, noon and night and clients can always reach him via email, text or phone. I highly recommend that you engage Howard Cutler and Perfect Credit Consulting to improve your credit scores—you will sleep better at night!" Jess Scherr, J&M Student Loan Services, LLC, Manalapan, NJ

"Howard was incredibly helpful. I enjoyed working with him, he was fast and cleared out every issue in no time and in a perfectly professional manner." EB, Stamford, CT

"Howard is an expert! I have had problems with my credit scores for years. I met with him a few months ago and he has been the perfect solution to my life. My life is now forever changed for the better due to his expertise and knowledge in this area of business. I wish I knew him sooner as it would have helped me out years ago. My numbers have increased and so have my smiles. Thank you Howard!!! I hightly recommend him for anyone who has had credit problems." MR, Fairfield, CT

"If you or someone you know needs an Excellent company to help you straighten out your credit, I recommend Perfect Credit Consulting. They are the #1 company in their field they definitely gets the job done and Always have your Best interest at heart." Natasha Rodgers, Founder and CEO, The Simuel Whitfield Simmons Organization, Somerset, NJ

"I've had a positive business relationship with Howard since 2008, so when I was looking to refinance my home I knew he would be the person to talk to in getting my credit in shape. Howard took the bull by the horns in cleaning up my credit report, enabling me to submit my refi application expediently and also obtain the best rate available. I was impressed by his extensive knowledge on what to look for and the best way to go about fixing it, and I am very grateful for the services he provided to me." GH, Ridgefield, CT

"Howard is the absolute best! He's a wizard and I don't know what I'd do without him!!" NM, Norwalk, CT

"Howard helps my clients at @GetFinanciallyFit rebuild their credit when it seems otherwise impossible. His dedication, passion and commitment to my clients has been an extremely valuable resource as they put their financial lives back together!" Michelle Gershfeld, Esq., AFC, Founder and CEO, Get Financially Fit, White Plains, NY

"Howard is amazing. He pulled two delinquent accounts out of collections and disputed three other collection accounts off my credit reports. We also added credit products and Howard taught me how to better manage my finances. The result was an increase in my FICO score from 598 to 689 in less than three months." BR, Stratford, CT

"I've been working with Howard for months now and he has been very diligent in his work, but most importantly for me...honest. He's precise and willing to do more then enough needed when getting your credit fixed. Glad to have met him." DH, Hartford, CT

"Howard is one of the best credit consultants in the industry. I recommend his services to all my clients. Whatever the challenge, Howard is always up to it, and he completes it expeditiously. He is easygoing, yet very professional." Franklin Allakpo, MassMutual, Tarrytown, NY

"I've been running a tech support business for a long time, and never was able to receive a decent loan. With Howard's help...We got it done. Thanks Howard!" JT, Hartford, CT

"Due to my positive experience with PCC, I have been referring Howard to my friends and family." WA, New Britain, CT

"I met with Howard for over two hours and he provided an honest assessment of my credit. I agreed with him that bankruptcy would be the best avenue to provide a brighter future for me. His insight and compassion were invaluable and now I can sleep at night!" CM, Westport, CT

“Howard worked on my credit and my wife’s credit to prepare us for a mortgage. My FICO mortgage lending score went from 670 to 764 and my wife’s score went from 701 to 779 in over one month. We qualified for the best rate. Howard made himself available 24/7 during this process. Job well done!” WF, Darien, CT

“Howard is amazing. He pulled two delinquent accounts out of collections and disputed three other collection accounts off my credit reports. We also added credit products and Howard taught me how to better manage my finances. The result was an increase in my FICO score from 598 to 689 in less than three months.” BR, Stratford, CT

“Howard reviewed my credit one year after my divorce was finalized. He explained all of the items on my credit reports and told me how to interpret the scores on my FICO report. We also went over ways that I could raise my scores. It all worked and I qualified for the lowest rate on my car lease. He was honest and he always promptly returned my texts and emails and phone calls.” HQ, New Canaan, CT

“Howard met with my husband and me on a Saturday. We reviewed our credit scores and reports. He laid out action plans for each of us to ensure that we secure a viable interest rate on our first mortgage.” KW, Norwalk, CT

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