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At Perfect Credit Consulting, our services are provided with one goal in mind. Optimize our clients’ credit scores to place them in higher credit ranges. These higher ranges translate into lower interest rates on most lending and insurance products and more money in your pocket. We focus our credit repair services and credit building programs on the five key factors that impact your credit scores.



1. Payment History–35% of Your Credit Score

How do you pay your bills? Do you pay on time, late, miss payments or default on your credit obligations?

2. Amount of debt–30% of Your Credit Score

How do you manage your available credit? How much money do you owe creditors compared to the amount of credit extended to you?

3. Length of Credit History–15% of Your Credit Score

How old are all your credit accounts? How old is your oldest account? What is the average age of your accounts?

4. New Credit–10% of Your Credit Score

How many new accounts have you recently opened? How old are these new accounts? How many recent requests/inquiries for credit have you made?

5. Credit Mix–10% of Your Credit Score

How many different types of credit accounts are being reported to the credit bureaus by your creditors?


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